Page for a Foregn Company in Japan

There are a plenty of companies which need legal assistance in Japan.
However, attorneys in Japan generally have no experiences to offer
legal services for them.
Large law firms in Tokyo do, but their legal fees are quite expensive.
We are pleased to offer speedy and accurate legal services
with reasonable fees.

Isn’t it Difficult to Find Attorney in Japan?

It is not easy for Japanese companies to find good attorneys in Japan.
And in my experience foreign companies have even a harder time finding someone reliable and trustworthy to represent them. Because there are not that many lawyers qualified to practice law in Japan, most Japanese attorneys work as litigators and do not dedicate their time to assisting foreign entities with basic transactional matters. In working in-house for many years and while studying law in Japan and the United States it became clear to us at Yokohama Partner Law Firm that foreign firms need qualified and capable Japanese Bengoshi to assist them with business legal matters, such as contract, intellectual property, compliance, product liability and anti trust.
Because we dedicate ourselves to be your partner in your corporate and business matters in Japan, we dedicate ourselves to being available to you wherever your business is in Japan.
Unlike the large US and European law firms who restrict their practices to Tokyo and Osaka, we will be present for you where you need us, when you need us. We, the attorneys of the Yokohama Partner Law Office have made it our commitment to provide your company with prompt, competent, and timely legal services at reasonable rates.